You have booked a trip with TravelBird for which the flight tickets were available. TravelBird informed you by e-mail that your flight tickets were available in your TravelBird account (“Your Trips”) on the website of TravelBird.

SGR – and TUI Nederland on behalf of SGR – has always indicated in its communications that if you had flight tickets you would still be informed about your trip on the e-mail address you provided to TravelBird.

Despite the fact that the airline tickets were available and you were (or could have) been aware of this, you have booked another trip without awaiting further information from us.


SGR performs the agreement concluded by you with TravelBird pursuant to article 5 paragraph 1 of the guarantee scheme. The terms and conditions of TravelBird remain applicable.


You have now reported to SGR that you will no longer travel with SGR – which performs the TravelBird trips – and/or you have submitted a claim for the trip you booked with TravelBird. We regard your report and/or your claim as the cancellation of your trip booked with TravelBird – now to be carried out by SGR. Your trip will be canceled with effect from the date of your repor/claim.

You will receive a cancellation invoice from us. We will process your claim, whereby we will deduct the cancellation costs from our payment. If you have not yet paid fully for your trip, then you may still have to make a final payment to SGR.

Unfortunately we cannot inform you otherwise.