Overview handling TravelBird claims

11 april 2019


Current figures:
In the TravelBird bankruptcy, SGR received around 36,000 TravelBird claims (50,000 victims). In addition, SGR has carried out more than 13,000 journeys in collaboration with TUI.

Following our latest update and through various emails sent by SGR to claimants, a large number of TravelBird customers have corrected and / or supplemented their claim. This has partly ensured that more than half of the claims have been paid out or or the trip has been carried out. The remaining claims relate to situations that are presented below.

Payment specification received, but no payment has been credited:
When a claim has been fully settled and can be paid out, the submitter will receive a payment specification. It can then take 2 weeks before the payment is credited to the specified bank account number. If a claim has been rejected, the submitter will be notified by e-mail.

Overview of remaining claims

Credit card or PayPal payments:
More than half of the current claims concern trips paid by credit card or PayPal. In recent weeks, the TravelBird customers in question have been requested by e-mail to add a completed Instrument of Assignment to their claim in addition to the rejection of their credit card company or PayPal. We receive Instrument of Assignment in which essential information such as reservation number, name or signature is missing. It also happens that not the main booker – the person who paid for the trip – but a fellow traveller signs the transfer form. In the latter case, it is not possible for SGR to legally take over the claim. Here you can download an example of Instrument of Assignment which can be used as a tool for completing the document.

To speed up and facilitate the handling of these claims, we make it possible to e-mail the completed deed of assignment and the creditcard company’s rejection to claim@sgr.nl. This way we can check your forms manually and add it to your claim.

  • Have you already emailed your rejection and deed of assignment to claim@sgr.nl? You do not have to do anything.
  • Did you not yet complete and send your rejection and deed of assignment? PWe advice you to do this, so that we can process your claim.
  • Have you added your deed of assignment to your claim in the SGR portal? Check whether all fields are filled in and the correct boxes are checked. For faster processing you can also email your rejection and deed of assignment to claim@sgr.nl.

Claims that do not match the data received from TravelBird:
As a guarantee fund, SGR is an implementing body. We depend on the information we receive from TravelBird to be able to assess the legality of a submitted claim. Despite our previous requests to process data used by TravelBird in the claims, there are still a large number of claims whose data do not match. These claims will be picked up by us in the coming period. The relevant claimants will receive an email from SGR. To help speed up the process, we again advise TravelBird customers to log in and check the claim. Claims where the data match will be settled earlier.

Email addresses
TravelBird customers who had provided an email address in their claim that did not match the email address they had used when booking with TravelBird received a message from SGR to correct the email address. The TravelBird customers whose e-mail address has been changed, for example due to a switch to another provider, and therefore cannot log in, have received an e-mail from SGR.

Trips that are still being carried out
Travelers who are still traveling and had not fully paid for their trip to TravelBird will receive a payment link from SGR by e-mail. Questions about the payment of the trip can be mailed to klantenservice@sgr.nl. For questions about the implementation of the trip, you can contact TUI via email address travelbird@tui.nl or telephone number +31 88-0885840.

If there is a cancellation, you will receive or have received a message from us. These claims are currently being assessed by an external handler.

Claimed vouchers, entrance tickets or restaurant vouchers
Files that show that a voucher, access card or gift card from TravelBird have been submitted will not be processed. SGR does not provide a guarantee for this type of purchase in accordance with Article 3 of the guarantee scheme.


Customer contact service
In the case of major bankruptcies, SGR cooperates with an external contact center and external agencies that process claims. Due to privacy legislation, we cannot share personal information with third parties. As a result, it is currently not possible for the external customer service representative to discuss information from a claim by telephone. SGR is currently working on an improvement to further improve communication and while maintaining the privacy of consumers. Messages about further developments are communicated via the website. Until that time, customer service will be happy to help you with all general questions and you will be kept informed by SGR via the personal mail.

Disclaimer for translation errors
The official language of SGR is Dutch. The translation of this document was prepared with the utmost care. However, SGR does not accept any liability for errors or omissions in this translation or the direct or indirect consequences of acting or failing to act based on this translation. It is not possible to derive any rights, of whatever nature, based on this translation. In the event of any discrepancy between the Dutch text and the English translation, the Dutch text shall be binding.